How did the Obama administration manage the wind turbine industry in a climate-change world

The White House’s transition to the Trump administration has been marked by a lack of any major announcements or policy statements.

But that’s not stopping some in the wind industry from expressing interest in the next president’s plans for the industry.

Here are six wind turbine jobs the administration should keep in mind:Wind turbine technician: The wind turbine field technician has been a staple of the industry for more than a century.

A person who installs, tests and troubleshoots equipment, like wind turbines and other equipment, for the federal government.

Wind turbine technician salaries start at $62,500.

Wind turbine technicians also do maintenance, including checking blades for cracks and replacing blades.

Wind turbines have a number of different types, including large, heavy-duty and single-blade wind turbines.

Most of the wind turbines on the market today are large single-bladed turbines.

The Wind Energy Technology Center in California has a list of jobs in the industry that could be filled with wind turbine technicians.

Some jobs are in wind turbines, some are in equipment and some are other types of wind turbines or equipment.

Wind energy industry analysts say the wind sector is expected to grow about 4.5 percent this year.

Wind energy jobs grew 2.6 percent last year.