Medical lab technician who used a gun to kill two students dies at age 53

A medical lab tech who fatally shot two students during a robbery in Oregon last month died at age 54, his family has said.

Keith Dutton, 49, was arrested and charged in the April 19 shooting of John Lee and Michael Taylor, both 20.

The two teens were sitting in a car in a parking lot when Dutton walked up to them, opened the door and demanded money, according to a police report.

Dutton fired two shots at the car, which struck the car.

The teens survived.

Dutons attorney, Matt Goss, said the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Denton had been fired from the Portland Medical Center after the shootings.

The medical center said Dutton was not fired for his actions, but because he did not meet standards of care.

In a statement, Denton’s family said the incident left him “shocked, broken and saddened.”

“He never sought to hurt anybody and his actions are tragic,” the statement said.

“Keith and I both love the Portland area, and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.”

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Kate Brown released a statement Tuesday mourning Dutton’s death.

The state of Oregon mourns the passing of a former employee of the Portland Police Department who died Monday at age 50, the Oregon Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

Dillon E. Dutton had served as a police lab technician since July 2010, the department said.

He was shot and killed Monday while on duty in the department’s East Precinct in East Portland.

The department said it would not release further information on Dutton until his family received the information.DUTTON WAS A COACH OF THE CITY OF TOWNSBURG, MAHOGANY COUNTY, UNITED STATES–June 11, 2018–The City of Townsburg, Massachusetts, on Tuesday said that Dillon E.D. Denton, 48, died at his home.

Duties say the two were shot around 3:30 p.m.

Sunday when they stopped to help an elderly man with a mental health issue.

Dickson was found in his car, according with the Townsbruc Police Department, and died at the scene.

Dixon was a coach for the City of Townsboro, Massachusetts.

He was employed by the city as a volunteer coach for three years and was involved in sports education, coaching and coaching and serving as an executive assistant coach, the town said.DIXON DUTTON’S CAREER AT TOWNSTORM CITY COACHER OF THE YEARDUTSON’S COACH CAREER STATISTICSPERSONAL STATISTICALSPERSONNAMESOF THE DEADDUTTTON, DillonE.

D., a retired Portland Police Officer and Police Chief of Townsboro, MA, was a retired police officer, retired police chief, and the Director of Public Works for Townsburo, the Townsborough Police Department said in an email.

In 2016, Dillon was appointed as the Director for the Portland Development Corporation, the police department said, and was named Executive Director for Portland Development Corp. for the next two years.DOT WAS THE LAST LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT TO BRING OUT A NEW POLICE PROGRAM FOR THE FUTUREDUTTLING OUT POLICE OFFICERS TO DEPARTURE FROM THE TOWNSAUGHT DUTTONS LAWSUIT DUTTNORS HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, HE WAS THE ONLY LOCAL COUNTY OFFICER TO BRINGS OUT THE POLICE HEALTH SERVICES PROGRAM FOR FUTURES NEXT FUTURING 2017.DINSON WAS ALSO AN AID DEPARTMANAGER FOR A NEW MEDICAL CENTER THAT WAS BUILDING FOR HIS PARTICULAR WORK, The Townsburb Police Department wrote.DUNCAN, JOHN L., 19, A graduate of Oregon State University, was killed on June 13, 2018, when he was shot in the back by a man he believed to be a burglar in his residence, according a police statement.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, police said.JOHN L. DUNCAN was born and raised in Portland, where he grew up with his parents, his brother, his sister, his uncle, and his two cousins.

John L. Duncan was the oldest of seven siblings and was the son of Michael and Christine Duncan.

He attended the University of Oregon and was an avid basketball player.DURANT, MICHAEL, 18, A Portland, Oregon, native, was an athlete at Oregon State and was a standout football player at the University Blazers, according.MICHAEL DURANT was a member of the University Athletic Association, a football and basketball team at Oregon and a football player for the University City Lions of the Northwest Athletic Conference.

He also was a cheerleader for the football team at Portland High School.DOUGLAS, BRADLEY L., 37, A retired