Pharma and healthcare jobs: Where are the openings?

Pharma job postings have been the subject of heated debate in India over the past two weeks, with many employees demanding their pay be equal to that of a pharmacist and healthcare assistant.

The issue has been brought to the fore in a new survey by the Times of Indian, a local daily.

According to the report, job postings for pharmacist have gone up by over 15 percent from November to March.

Pharma jobs are currently filled by pharmacists and assistants in various capacities.

In the past, this job had been reserved for pharma employees only.

The Times of Ireland, a leading newspaper in the country, also reported a huge jump in pharma job postings.

The survey found that the number of job postings in the healthcare sector rose by nearly a quarter from a year ago to 8,000.

A recent report by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) has suggested that in the past five years, the number and density of job vacancies in the pharma sector has increased by a whopping 2.5 times.

Indian doctors are currently the most popular group of job seekers in India.

According to the IIT-Delhi report, a whopping 93.5 percent of the jobs posted in India are filled by Indian doctors.

IITs research found that Indians, particularly doctors, were the first to start applying for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

According the report by IITs researchers, Indian doctors were the most sought-after candidates in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and bioscience.

Many job seekers from India have already made their way into the global pharmaceutical industry, particularly in India where pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and Ranbaxy have offices.

The IIT report says there are more than 2.8 million pharma jobs globally, while the global average is around 2.3 million.

More than 50 percent of Indian students in the world study in the US, while more than 60 percent of Indians in India study in Europe, according to the United Nations.