What to do if you’ve been laid off at your employer

The electrical technician job is a well-paid job in the tech industry.

But many workers have also been laid-off as a result of the recession, which has put many companies in the red.

Here’s how to keep your job.

Electrical technicians in the United States are the highest paid job category, according to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they make a median of $85,000 per year.

For a skilled technician, the pay is even higher.

Here are the top 10 percent of electrical technicians, according the Bureau of Economic Analysis.


Paul Cusano, San Jose, Calif.

Top: Paul C. Cusanos, left, and David J. Sperling, right, are the owners of Sperlings Electrical Systems in San Jose.


Jason Cawley, Dallas, Texas.


Kevin F. Johnson, Seattle, Wash.


Mark Bittman, Denver, Colo.


Brian O. Anderson, Sacramento, Calif., 6.

Tom C. McAllister, San Diego, Calif..7.

Michael F. Rothermel, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas,8.

David P. Cappelletti, San Francisco, Calif,9.

Tom E. Kornblum, Atlanta, Ga.,10.

Andrew P. Lea, Portland, Ore.

(Photo: Courtesy of Andrew P Lea)The median pay for a skilled electrical technician is $85K, according a study by the consulting firm Avalere Health, and is significantly higher than the median pay of a general labor force worker.

But it’s still less than the $120K per year that a typical worker making $100K a year makes.

For example, a typical electrician’s hourly wage is $15.99.

To keep the electrician job, you’ll need to have experience, a high school diploma or GED, and a high salary.

Here is a look at some skills that are needed to be a successful electrician.

Electrical engineer or technician: To become a skilled electrician, you need to be able to read, write, and perform basic computer programming.

But most of the jobs require more than that.

The jobs for electricians are often more specialized, requiring specialized skills like welding, welding automation, and electronics and automation, among others.

This can help a person make more money in the long run.

You can apply to be an electrician in a local high school or college, but most employers prefer to hire people who can perform a variety of jobs.

You’ll need the skills needed to use a computer, monitor systems, and make repairs.

Electrical contractor: In addition to being an electrical engineer, a skilled contractor is a technician who installs and repairs electrical equipment, such as wires, transformers, and other equipment.

This job is typically found in homes and businesses.

The job is often called an “energy and water utilities contractor” because it involves the installation and maintenance of utilities such as gas and electric utilities, gas distribution, and telephone service.

Electricians work in an environment with lots of noise and vibration, and the electrical work can be very dangerous.

This is because electrical work is typically done by hands and equipment, and because electricians tend to be physically larger than many other jobs, they are more prone to injuries and illnesses.

This means that if you have a job in which you have to deal with electricity, you should consider having a physical exam to make sure you’re in good health.

You might also consider having an eye exam if you’re worried about eye problems.

A person with an electrical engineering degree or a high-school diploma is required for this job, but this is usually not a requirement.

You should also have the right tools, knowledge, and equipment.

You may need to obtain a license to do electrical work, but these licenses typically require a minimum of 12 years of work experience.

You also may need a background check to ensure that you are in good physical and mental health.

The electrical equipment and maintenance jobs require special tools, such an electric hand saw, a portable electric hand grinder, and tools for measuring and testing electrical systems.

The most common electrical skills you will need for this type of work include welding, wiring, electrical modeling, and electrical testing.

Electrical technician jobs are in the highest-paying fields of engineering, computer science, or mathematics.

A bachelor’s degree in an electrical science, computer engineering, or electrical technology field is required.

This includes an electrical or computer engineering degree, a computer science degree, or a mathematics or statistics degree.

You will need a high number of hours per week, at least 30 hours per month, and at least 40 hours per year, including regular work.

You must also be able do physical work.

There are some types of occupations that require specialized skills.

For instance, some electrical technicians are required to do some kind of electrical analysis.

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