Why you should avoid the pharmacy technician job

By James Martin, BBC Sport pharmacy technicians are the first people you hear about when you want to get the job done.

They are often asked what it’s like to do a job for the NHS, and you might be surprised to find out how difficult it is.

It can be physically demanding, but there are also plenty of benefits.

For example, the NHS uses a number of pharmacies to help people buy drugs, so it is vital they are trained.

But what you won’t hear about is how much the job pays.

Pharmacy technicians work as a team, working alongside nurses and other staff.

They are responsible for a range of tasks, including: dispensing drugs to patients who are ill or disabled, checking prescriptions for the correct dosages and filling prescriptions for those who have serious illnesses and conditions such as cancer.

A pharmacy technician also helps to set up the pharmacy in the hospital, ensuring it is ready to dispense medications.

They do not perform any work themselves, but the job is closely monitored.

This is particularly important when working in hospitals as many of the medicines they help to dispare are expensive and difficult to get in.

Pharmacy technicians are part of the first group of people you will hear about if you want a job in pharmacy.

This may seem like a bad choice, but a new BBC Sport documentary, Mri Technician, is set to make you think again.

Mri Technician is about the first jobs for which there is a job market.

This includes healthcare, retail and foodservice, and it is the first time that anyone has been looking at pharmacy technicians.

Why do you want this job?

The jobs offered by the NHS have grown by nearly 30% in the last decade.

They offer an excellent range of opportunities, including medical, pharmacy and healthcare, but pharmacy technicians work a variety of different jobs.

What is a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy technician is a person who is in charge of making sure the drugs the NHS is using are safe and effective.

They also carry out routine tests on patients and make sure the medicines have been administered correctly.

So how does a pharmacy work?

Pharmacy techs have a range, and work in teams of two or three.

This allows them to quickly respond to urgent requests for medical care and is part of a wider team.

The job can also be a stressful one.

A typical day involves two to four hours of working in a team.

A pharmacy tech is responsible for dispensing medications to patients, but they are also responsible for supervising nurses and staff, checking prescription documents and making sure they have all the correct supplies in stock.

It can also take them a long time to make sure drugs are available for use.

The team is often split into two teams.

How does a team work?

There are four teams, each with a different role.

They usually work alongside other members of the team, and each team has its own responsibilities.

Each team will make sure that: the medication is safe and efficacious