PC technician says PC sold with defective chip found

A California woman who claims to have sold a computer with defective chips says she was told by the manufacturer it was “a mistake.”

Tara Foy, who lives in Los Angeles, told ABC News affiliate KABC that she bought a $500 PC last month and found the chips were faulty.

She says she bought the computer in a store and that the dealer told her it was the wrong model.

The dealer also told her she would have to return the PC to the store, which she did.

She said the dealership had no way to tell she had purchased a defective PC.

Foy says she contacted the manufacturer, Dell, and told them she had an issue.

“I told them they needed to contact me back, but they didn’t tell me the reason why,” she said.

“They told me that the chip had been removed and that it was no longer part of the PC.”

The manufacturer told ABC that the faulty chips had been found by an independent testing company, and Dell has since issued a recall for the affected PCs.

The manufacturer also said that the company is working with consumers to help them resolve the issue.

Foy says her experience with Dell and the company’s customer service team has been very good.

“I’ve been very happy with Dell,” she told ABC.

“We’re working with customers to make sure we’re getting the best service and the best customer experience.”

Dell, the PC manufacturer, issued a statement on Friday saying that it “continues to work with customers who have experienced a faulty PC that has been reported by a Dell service center or customer to Dell.”

“We are committed to improving our customer service, which we know is essential to our business and our customers,” the statement read.