Trump administration to announce ‘major steps’ on nuclear technician jobs

The Trump administration will announce “major steps” to make it easier for workers at the nation’s nuclear labs to get new jobs, the White House said on Tuesday.

The announcement comes a day after President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, called on the federal government to “help the nuclear industry and its workers with the transition to new jobs.”

Priebus also called on Trump to “make a big announcement” on nuclear worker shortages during his address to the nation on Tuesday night.

Trump has been struggling to find qualified nuclear technician positions after a series of staffing issues, and the White National Party (WNDP) announced Tuesday that the Trump administration would hire more nuclear technicians.

“These workers are working for a President who has pledged to protect their jobs and who has committed to providing them with the tools they need to work in a secure environment,” WNDP executive director Jim Womack said in a statement.

“With our job cuts, we’re working to keep jobs at our plants open and to make sure we have the right workers for the job at hand.”

WNSP’s decision came a day before the Department of Labor will release a proposed rule to require more than 25 percent of nuclear technicians in the United States to have a college degree.

The new rule would also require that all workers who are required to have an associate degree in nuclear engineering or nuclear materials science must also have a high school diploma.

Trump announced in February that the United Kingdom would begin allowing nuclear workers to have more flexible working hours, as well as requiring employers to provide workers with a sick leave insurance policy.

The Department of Homeland Security will also release a proposal to expand background checks for all foreign-born employees at the U.S. nuclear labs, but that proposal has not yet been finalized.