Which healthcare providers are making the most money?

In a year where healthcare is in the news and even in the headlines, which providers are earning the most in 2018?

That’s what the National Association of Independent Certified Healthcare Providers is looking for, according to their annual survey.

They want to know how the industry is changing in 2018.

The group’s 2018 report ranks the top five providers in terms of gross revenue, total revenue and revenue per physician.

It also ranks the highest paid by total gross revenue.

That’s where we find the average pay by gross revenue for the top four payers:The median gross revenue per doctor was $2,834 in 2018, while the median gross income was $7,842, according the survey.

The median gross profit per physician was $8,891.

The average gross revenue was $18,904.

The average gross income per physician in 2018 was $75,062, and the median income was just over $75k, according.

The top five gross revenue providers for 2018 were HealthCare Partners Network (HCP), Cigna, Anthem, CareFirst, and Anthem Blue Cross.

The top five total revenue providers were Health Care Partners Network, Cignas, Medica, Aetna and Anthem.

The highest gross revenue earners were Anthem and Health Care Group, which together earn nearly $120k per physician, accordingto the survey released on Tuesday.

In 2018, the average gross gross income by a physician was just under $75K, while median gross gross incomes were about $68K, according of the report.

The median income of the top gross revenue payers was about $94K.

The most recent data from the National Health Care Financing Administration (NHCTFA) shows that average gross incomes for the median earners was $91K in 2019.

The lowest gross income earners were those earning $47K and $36K, respectively, the NHCTFA data show.

The survey shows that total gross revenues for the largest payers decreased in 2018 by 8%, to $8.6B, while gross income decreased by 4%, to just over 2B.

The survey also shows that the top six gross revenue provider payers increased their gross income to $21B in 2018 from $19.9B in 2017.