Which tech jobs are the most demanding?

In a survey conducted by Tech Crunch, the tech industry’s leading online news site, the top 10 jobs most demanding for new hires in 2017 were dental technician jobs (5.6%), computer technician jobs (-3.3%), electrical engineer jobs (-1.7%), engineering technician jobs (+1.4%) and electrical and electronic engineering jobs (-0.9%).

In addition, Tech Crunch also found that the most competitive job in the tech sector was the “information technology” (IT) jobs, where new hires made up 8.5% of the total number of jobs in the field.

The tech industry had one of the highest retention rates among the professions.

The list of top 10 most demanding jobs in 2017 was compiled using the following criteria: salary, hours, and other factors.

The salary data for the most sought-after jobs are also available.

According to Tech Crunch data, the average salary for the IT jobs in 2016 was $61,000.

The average salary of the top IT jobs was $79,000 in 2017.

The highest paid IT jobs are located in the information technology (IT), financial services, and manufacturing industries.

The data shows that IT jobs had the highest average salary in 2017, followed by finance and consulting, and IT engineering.

The most competitive jobs in this industry include those that are based in the finance, consulting, information technology, and engineering fields.

However, the highest paid jobs in Finance, consulting and information technology are located within the IT, financial services and manufacturing fields.

The highest paid job in engineering is located in healthcare, which has the highest pay in the industry.

The median pay in healthcare is $73,000, while the median salary of healthcare jobs in India is $60,000 per annum.