How to get a $50,000 pay raise in Wal-Mart pharmacy technician jobs

The average salary of Wal-mart pharmacy technicians has increased more than 400% since 2005.

But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how much more to make than what a Wal-Marts employee earns.

Here’s how much to make in WalMart pharmacy technicians:Minimum wage: $8.25Analyst salary: $19.25Assistant salary: Up to $32,500Earn an average of $47,000 per yearIn the same time frame, the average assistant salary for Wal-marts is $19,000.

That’s $1,700 more than what the average associate salary is.

The salary gap isn’t as large in the warehouse and other types of jobs where Wal- marts is most dominant, like pharmacy technicians.

In that category, Wal- mart pays a median of $8 per hour compared to an average hourly wage of $11.60 in the retail sector.

But even in warehouse and warehouse technician jobs, the pay is lower than it is in other sectors.

That gap has increased from $6.20 to $13.10 an hour since 2005, according to a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute.

The pay gap has also narrowed significantly in some areas of the retail industry, including construction and trucking, where hourly wages have increased by roughly $15 per hour.

Wal-Mart’s pharmacy technician pay is a fraction of the national average, according a 2016 analysis by the National Retail Federation.

The average wage in Walmart pharmacy is about $13 per hour, according the study.

Walmart, which is a subsidiary of Walgreens, is the largest employer in the country with more than 40,000 employees.

Its total workforce of about 5 million is bigger than the entire population of Ohio, according company data.

It’s not the only major retail employer to make the top 10 list.

It also has the highest median pay for the highest-paid retail job in the U.S. At $51,000, that ranks No. 1.