NHL’s medical marijuana clinic to open in Denver

Denver, CO – An indoor medical marijuana dispensary and an office are set to open at an existing Denver medical marijuana medical cannabis dispensary in early 2018.

The opening of the new medical cannabis shop will come two years after a dispensary in Aurora opened in October 2016, according to Denver News.

The Denver-based Cannabis Company, LLC will operate the two locations, which will be located on the fourth floor of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Cannabis Company’s owner, Steve Stover, said the new dispensary will serve both recreational and medical cannabis users, who will be able to use it for everything from pain management to cannabis-derived supplements.

Stover said the opening of Cannabis Company will be the biggest investment in the Denver cannabis industry.

The first marijuana shop in Colorado opened in November 2015, according the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Cannabis is the first cannabis-based product to be approved by the state’s new medical marijuana program.

Stover said Cannabis Company would be the first to operate in Colorado, and he said they will be expanding to other states as they expand.

In addition to medical cannabis, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division also licenses the cultivation and production of marijuana for medical purposes.

Marijuana is legal for medical use in Colorado under the state constitution, but medical cannabis is prohibited.

The state’s medical cannabis program was established in 2014 to ease the state government’s access to medical marijuana for those who have severe medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, cancer and multiple sclerosis.