NHS doctors are to get £600 more per year

The number of NHS doctors will increase by more than 10,000, according to a government study.

The government is set to announce an annual increase in pay of about £600 for the next three years.

NHS doctors will earn £2,700 a year, up from £2 a year currently.

The government has been struggling to find enough staff to staff its health services.

It has cut the number of nurses and midwives to meet its staffing needs.

In March it announced that its plans for a new medical workforce were “urgently underway”.

The new figures will give the Government time to review the plans.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has previously said that the government has not been doing enough to recruit and retain skilled doctors.

“It’s clear that we need more doctors,” he said last year.

“That’s why the NHS needs more doctors, not fewer.”

The NHS has had a hard time attracting and retaining qualified doctors in recent years.

In May, the number one-rated GP in the country, Dr Robert Hill, announced he was quitting the profession.