WATCH: What you need to know about the EKG technician job

When you’re in the emergency department, the first thing that pops into your mind is your patient’s EKGs.

But you don’t need to worry about the tests coming back in a negative or negative-one way or another.

The emergency department is the best place to be in terms of testing.

There’s not really a lot to do on the day of the test, so you don (or should) focus on other things to make sure your patient gets a good test.

That being said, if you are getting tested, there are some important things you need do.

First, if your patient has been experiencing chest pain, you should get him to the ED.

If you suspect that your patient may have a respiratory or gastrointestinal issue, do not wait until they arrive at the ED before getting your test done.

If there are other possible issues, be sure to tell your patient that you are going to get their EKg tested.

Second, you may want to make a list of your patients so you can get a reference when they call.

If your patient calls after a test, you can ask them what tests they have had and what tests were negative.

That way, you don`t have to worry that they have the same problem they had when you did the test.

Finally, you want to be prepared for any emergency room related questions that come up.

Make sure you know what to do if your patients asks questions about what they`re doing.