Why you should watch The Bachelor season 8

The Bachelor has long been known for its high-profile guests, and while many of the show’s current contestants have been on-camera for quite some time, this season has proven to be a unique beast.In the past few weeks, there have […]

Vet technician: ‘This is a real dream job’

Medical school students from the University of Colorado at Boulder have been working on a virtual reality game for more than a year, but they’re still a little skeptical of the job’s chances of success.“This is the first virtual reality […]

How to get a job in Ireland if you don’t have a degree

A degree is a crucial qualification for a job that requires years of experience in a career that requires a degree.The more education you have, the more experience you can provide.However, with a shortage of qualified people in the workforce […]

How to deal with a technician’s angry customer

HVAC service technicians are often the last line of defense when a customer wants to vent their frustration.But that’s not always the case.Here’s how to deal.1.Do your best to understand the customer’s concerns 2.Be sensitive to their concerns 3.Be patient […]