How did the Obama administration manage the wind turbine industry in a climate-change world

The White House’s transition to the Trump administration has been marked by a lack of any major announcements or policy statements.But that’s not stopping some in the wind industry from expressing interest in the next president’s plans for the industry.Here […]

The best and worst jobs for IT technicians

IT technicians earn more than many engineers, but it’s not always as glamorous as you might expect.Here are some jobs you may not know about.article IT technician jobs and salaries article IT techs pay well, but there are some other, […]

IGN: Audi R8 Plus will feature $2,200 Audi R6-powered, $1,800 BMW M4-powered engine

By Gregor VlaskoMay 16, 2020 12:28:58If you’ve got a BMW M3, you’ll have an Audi R10-powered R8, or you might be lucky enough to find an R8+ with a BMW-designed 1.5L turbocharged inline-four.You can find a number of Audi R […]

When to go into surgery: 10 common questions to ask

Engadgadget is a leading news and lifestyle website.Its editors are seasoned industry veterans, who have a deep understanding of the needs of their readers and the world at large.Engadgets content is produced independently of commercial or political interests.We are not […]

Why a company’s robotic lab can help you save your money

Businesses are always looking for ways to save money, and robotic labs are a good place to start.A robotic lab, in which employees interact with machines through virtual reality, can help a business achieve this goal.If you’re looking to save […]